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Our Approach: The Cancer Litigation Construct (CLC)

Cancer is a complex disease that originates at the molecular biology level. Without this fundamental understanding, building a comprehensive body of evidence that supports one’s legal position can be challenging. This is especially true when the scientific data are not in agreement.

Cancer Litigation Construct (CLC)™

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To assist clients involved in oncology-related products liability and mass torts legal matters, we created the Cancer Litigation Construct (CLC). The CLC is a framework that guides how attorneys inform and deliver cancer litigation strategies. The following factors shape the CLC:

1. Cancer principles
2. Product information
3. Cancer epidemiology data
4. Scientific linkage data

Areas of Expertise

At Fortson, we bring depth of experience in cancer research and the review and analysis of scientific data. Our expertise is in the following relevant disciplines:

• Molecular Cancer Biology
• Cellular Cancer Biology
• Cancer Genetics/Epigenetics
• Cancer Pharmacology/Toxicology
• Cancer Pharmacogenomics/Pharmacogenetics
• Clinical/Translational Cancer Drug Discovery